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GreEnergy'3-The New Generation of Cars

Başlangıç Tarihi 29 Kasım 2015 21:00
Bitiş Tarihi 05 Aralık 2015 23:59
Yer İstanbul
Etkinlik Türü Workshop

Organizing LC: LC Istanbul

Event: GreEnergy'3 – The New Generation Of Cars

Event Type: Workshop

Date: 29th November – 5th December

Deadline: 24th October 2015

Numer of Participants: 15

Application via:



Ladies and Gentleman,

Are you ready to meet us again after a short break? As LC Istanbul, we proudly announce our new workshop, GreEnergy'3 – The New Generation of Cars which will be organized for the third time, after 2010 and 2013.

In the earlier period of technology, people didn't care about nature. They didn't have awareness about negative outcomes of technology, like pollution. Subject of this event is based on renewable sources which are used on cars, in order to make you aware about this new ecofriendly technology.

During our workshop the experts of this subject will help you to learn about eco-friendly and innovator car technologies, hybrid, solar and electric cars. Besides ITU Solar Car Team and many other teams which are from our university will be there to provide you an interactive occasion. What we mean is that you will even have the opportunity of riding those spectacular cars!

Okay, let's talk about the fun parts. Istanbul is one of the best cities about entertainment. We have prepared amazing parties and a Turkish Night for you. In Turkish Night, you will have the chance to taste “Rakı the magnificent” and we guarantee that after you drink it, you will dance like a belly dancer. Moreover; we will have International Night and parties, these will be unforgettable for sure.

Don't worry, we haven't finished yet. You will get to know Istanbul better by sight-seeing and city rally, you will see cultural sites like the Hagia Sophia Museum and the Blue Mosque. Do not forget the Bosphorus tour. Also you will visit and shop in Istiklal Street which is the most famous and crowded place in Istanbul. After that to relieve tiredness, what do you think about having a Turkish Bath?

You know that's not the all, we have much more actvities and some suprises for you! We offer you endless fun, EESTEC spirit and a week full of unforgettable memories but for those we have limited spots for officials, that's why you should hurry guys.

So you know what to do, Be Aware, Go Green and APPLY! And if you still have any questions, don't hesitate just contact us on .

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