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Lord of the Things

Başlangıç Tarihi 09 Mart 2015 09:00
Bitiş Tarihi 15 Mart 2015 12:00
Yer İstanbul
Etkinlik Türü Katılım
Etkinlik Sorumlusu EESTEC - LC İstanbul
Ayrıntılı Bilgi
Katılım Türü Kulüp içi etkinlik

We welcome you, Hobbit!

Elves and dwarfs of LC Istanbul are proud to offer you the “thing”. If you wonder what is that thing, it is the Internet of Things! Our journey will take place from 9th to 15th of March, and we will host 12 lucky hobbits in our Middle-Earth, Istanbul.

The Earth is getting prepared for internet of things revolution within 5 years. There will more than 200 billion devices connected to internet, in other words, we will be surrounded by the things connected to internet. Are we ready for this revolution, Hobbit? So, would you like to participate in this revolution as well?

During the journey, you will get to know and be educated by the companies that are Lords of Internet of Things! You will learn about the latest updates about Internet of Things, what will the future innovations will be held and what have been developed so far. Furthermore, you will be able to have a speech with the people that are deciding on the world strategies of IoT, also known as Gandalf and in addition you will have a technical trip to their magical world!

With these technical trips you will see how the real life applications of IoT take place in many different ways.

Get prepared for the adventure in the most beautiful and historical city of Middle-Earth with the Hagia Sophia, Golden Horn, Blue Mosque and Istiklal Street. Try not to be affected by the magical drink Raki, sweetest delight Baklava, relaxing Hamam and fascinating views of the Bosphorus beauties you’ll see! You will face a challenging City Rally and a Turkish Night, Hobbit!

You are awaited by the Mordor, we have no Sauron here.


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