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Design Meetings.05 - Jacob Benbunan

Başlangıç Tarihi 03 Mayıs 2016 19:00
Yer Maçka Hazırlık Binası C101
Etkinlik Türü Çalıştay
Katılım Türü Ücretsiz

This event is open to anyone who is interested.

Tue 19:00
ITU Maçka Campus - C101

Disruptive Thinking for Ambitious Brands

-What is Disruptive branding? 
-How technology, architecture and design turn into an amazing brand? 
-Brand Angels : Are you ready to be next Uber or Airbnb?
-A case study: Turkey. Discover the Potential 
Jacob Benbunan is CEO of Saffron Brand Consultants.
Jacob founded Saffron with Wally Olins in March 2001 with a clear proposition: Brand is the promise of an experience delivered. This involves a holistic approach that inevitably considers every touchpoint the brand has with its audiences, both external and internal.
Starting with two offices, in Madrid and London, Saffron then started operations in Miami, Mumbai, Istanbul, Vienna and Miami. Saffron has also partner Offices in Lima, Bogotá, Santiago and Sao Paulo.
Brands like Vueling, Bankinter, EVO, Volotea or Yoigo in Spain, A1, Swiss Re, Akzo Nobel, Voith, C&A or the city of London, in Europe, Apollo, West Bengal in India, Mtel in Bulgaria, GO in Turkey, IXE in Mexico have granted Saffron its reputation.
Recently, Saffron has been engaged with clients like Belgacom, Siemens, BBVA, Cepsa and Sodexo.
Before Saffron, Benbunan was part of Wolff Olins and was a member of its Board of Directors from 1994 to 2001. 
Previously, after graduating Cum Laude as Bachelor of Science and receiving a Master of Engineering at Boston University, Jacob was Strategic Services Senior Manager at KPMG Management Consultants.
Today Jacob is a well-known professional within the international scene of the branding industry. He is author of many specialised articles and lectures and is regularly invited to various conferences and TV and radio shows.
Recently, Benbunan has served as:
- Chairmain of Aebrand (Spanish Association of Branding) – May 2012 to June 2014 
- Member of the Board of the Association of Spanish Agencies
- Member of the Advisory Committee to the Communication Master of IE Business School
- Design Jury at Cannes Festival 2012 
- Branding Jury of El Sol Festival 2012 
He is fluent in English, French and Spanish and lives in Madrid with his wife and three children.

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