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We are the Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team. Since our establishment in 2004, we have produced 9 solar cars. One of them was produced as a 4 person capacity "cruiser" and the others as a single-person capacity "challenger".

Our team decided to participate in international level races after being among the top two in the ranking 3 times in the TUBITAK Formula-G races between 2005 and 2014. Our team, which started planning for the World Solar Challenge (WSC), European Solar Challenge (ESC) and South African Solar Challenge (SASOL), has won more than 23 awards in national and international races since we started moving on the path illuminated by the Sun.

We work to ensure the continuity of our ongoing culture and values. At the same time, we do research and improvements in the field of alternative energy sources that will lead the future, we do tool designing, and we produce local, high-quality, and competitive products in compliance with international standards. Our main mission is to leave a sustainable world for future generations and to produce new values.

Our vision is to represent Istanbul Technical University and Turkey both in national and international areas by raising competent engineers who are able to contribute to industry actively, use clean energy and advanced technology and absorb a dynamic, researcher and sharing spirit.

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